Antimicrobial Glass Powder

  • The new standard in antimicrobial glass. Our innovative solution takes surface sanitation to new heights with enhanced antimicrobial performance.

What Is an Antimicrobial?

  • Antimicrobial is an agent that suppresses growth of microorganisms including bacteria and fungi. Adding or applying antimicrobial agents to coats or plastics protects the surface from microbial pollutants – a passive approach to suppressing unwanted growth compared to sterilization or disinfection.

  • What’s the difference between antimicrobial and sterilization?

    Among the many differences between, sterilization / disinfection and antimicrobial technologies, a key difference is the purpose. Sterilization is the active method of killing microorganisms using UV, heat, chemicals, etc. With potential to permanently damage your products or harm individuals when exposed, sterilization is a method used under limited conditions. Antimicrobial is not as potent but offers a safer way to protect your product surfaces, which broadens its range of application compared to more specialized or medical purposes that sterilization serves.

  • Antimicrobial


    It refers to resistance to microorganisms
    including bacteria and fungi, and
    inhibiting their growth.

  • Disinfection


    Disinfection refers to killing of bacteria by methods such as heat, ultraviolet rays, or radiation. In general, it means the incomplete inhibition of bacteria rather than sterilization.

  • Sterilization


    Sterilization refers to the state in
    which all microorganisms are completely
    killed and microbial activity is
    completely disrupted.

  • Why LG Antimicrobial?

    LG Antimicrobial is an inorganic antimicrobial agent made of powdered glass material designed and engineered for specialized purposes. Safer and tougher than conventional organic antimicrobials, LG Antimicrobial has reached surfaces in various industries and products including healthcare, construction, cars, food and beverages, and more.

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  • How Does It Work?

    Microorganisms multiply easily in the presence of humidity and nutrients, contaminating the product surface and reducing its lifecycle. Surfaces applied with LG Antimicrobial stay clean for longer even in environments vulnerable to microbial growth, helping ease surface maintenance and increasing the lifecycle.

3 Steps to Your Solution

  • In search of your ideal antimicrobial agent? Consult us today for an innovative LG solution.

  • Step 1. Understanding your needs

    Step 1. Understanding your needs

    After consultation, our experts began assessing your situation, requests and needs. By carefully factoring in details, such as materials, country of sale, product form factor and more, we develop a strategic approach to maximizing functionality and minimizing limitations.

  • Step 2. Designing the solution

    Step 2. Designing the solution

    Based on our data, our experts begin drawing up the solution and creating a sample. After thoroughly checking for conditions that optimize product applicability and efficacy, we begin inspecting for potential issues before continuing to the final stage.

  • Step 3. Delivering results

    Step 3. Delivering results

    After finding the conditions for maximum performance, we begin optimizing said conditions for the final development process. Basing the proposed blueprint on your solution, we inspect the quality and check for issues in the final stage of our product development process.

Find LG Antimicrobial

  • As an antimicrobial agent, LG Antimicrobial can be applied to various materials including plastic, coating, fiber, foam and much more. LG Antimicrobial can be applied widely in materials used to create final products or in product finishing – creating cleaner, more durable products that we commonly find all around us.

Applied Widely for Antimicrobial Action

  • Plastics & Plymers

    Plastics & Polymers

    Can be developed into various polymer-based plastics, suppressing bacterial and fungal contamination on the product surfaces.

  • Paints & Coatings

    Paints & Coatings

    Can be applied to coats in either liquid or powder form, keeping the surface clean from microbial growth.

  • Fabrics & Fibers

    Fabrics & Fibers

    Can be applied to cotton, polyester, synthetic fiber, etc., to prevent stains and odors accumulating on various textiles and fibers.

  • Foam


    Can be applied to mattresses, insulation, seats and other foam components to prevent microbial growth, odors and overall deterioration.

Your Solution
Backed by LG Elecronics

  • Demand for higher sanitation is at an all-time high, especially in our homes. The devices we use every day are often highly vulnerable to pollutants and moisture, which is why LG Antimicrobial can be found in LG home appliances and devices all around the world. LG Antimicrobial is currently applied in LG Electronics’ refrigerators, washers, dryers, dish washers, air conditioners and vacuum cleaners and is rapidly expanding its range of application to other various products and industries.

  • The fact that LG Antimicrobial solutions are used in our very own LG appliances and products, to which we hold our highest standards of quality, demonstrates the effectiveness of their antimicrobial function. We believe this level of trust and commitment will translate directly to our partners and for their products as well.

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