LG Business Cloud

LG Business Cloud is a solution platform that gathers LG’s B2B solutions in one place. It includes solutions such as CMS, RMS and advertisement enabling diverse and efficient use of digital signage solutions. It is a cloud platform where upcoming solutions will be sequentially added. We have provided various explanations related to the solutions to enhance accessibility and made it possible to purchase, integrate, and manage solutions all from one website.
  • LG ConnectedCare1

    LG ConnectedCare

    A powerful cloud-based solution that provides remote monitoring and control of LG Signage devices.

  • LG SuperSign Cloud1

    LG SuperSign Cloud

    A comprehensive and essential software solution for the integrated management of digital signage.

  • LG Pro:Centric Cloud1

    LG Pro:Centric Cloud

    A powerful yet convenient cloud-based hotel management solution that allows for integrated management.

Solution Experience

Solution Experience1 Solution Experience2
  • User Friendly Materials1

    User Friendly Materials

    In LG Business Cloud, you can not only access detailed pages of the solutions included but also download brochures to understand the solutions in detail, and watch tutorial videos.

  • Trial License1

    Trial License

    Also available is the option to apply for a free trial license* to experience the solution firsthand.
    * Up to 10 licenses are available for use for a maximum of 3 months per license.

  • Use Cases1

    Use Cases

    Explore the utilization of solutions through various scenarios and their integration into business operations.

  • Solution Purchase and Subscription1

    Solution Purchase and Subscription

    Select and purchase or subscribe to the necessary solutions based on quantity, type, grade, and duration of licenses according to the usage environment, similar to buying products online. Solutions purchased or subscribed to can be easily integrated with LG devices* on the same website.

    * Depending on the device, available solutions may vary.
    ** Online purchases and subscriptions are now available in the U.S., with plans to expand to other countries in the future.

  • Device Management1

    Device Management

    In LG Business Cloud, registration of LG signage devices* enables support for simple controls such as power on/ off, rebooting, etc. Brief information about registered devices (device type, model name, serial number, etc.) can also be viewed.

    * Applies to devices with webOS 6.0 version or above.