Antimicrobial Technology

LG Electronics' antimicrobial technology embodies our commitment to providing customers with new dimensions of hygiene beyond what currently exists, and reflects our constant goal of increasing the value of greater hygiene.

How Antimicrobial Technology Helps Us

  • Antimicrobial agents are substances that effectively reduce the growth and reproduction of microorganisms such as germs, bacteria, and fungi. Antimicrobial technology utilizes these agents to enable products with antimicrobial properties. Products treated with antimicrobial agents maintain a clean surface, extending product life and preventing contamination from other pollutants.

  • Less Microbes

    Less Microbes

    Antimicrobial technology suppresses the growth of bacteria and mold on product surfaces, and ensures product surfaces stay cleaner.

  • Longer Lifespan for Materials

    Longer Lifespan for Materials

    Antimicrobial technology can minimize product damage caused by microbe contamination, extending the lifespan of products.

  • Reduced Odor and Stains

    Reduced Odor and Stains

    Color changes and bad odors caused by microbes are prevented, to extend the lifespan of products.

LG Antimicrobial Made from Glass Technology

  • Experience LG Antimicrobial. Our long history of innovation in glass production technology, ensures exceptional quality and reliability, ultimately increasing the value of hygiene performance for our customers.

Types of Inorganic Antimicrobial Agents

  • Silver Ion-based Antimicrobial Glass

    Silver Ion-based Antimicrobial Glass

    Silver has been used widely since ancient times, because it exists in nature in its free elemental form. Hippocrates, said to be the founder of medical science, discovered silver's powerful medicinal properties for treating and preventing diseases. Silver can also exist stably between glass structures in an activated ionic state. These formulations are safe for semi-permanent use with a reduced amount of silver. Silver's antibacterial performance has been developed and successfully tested on our products.

  • Zinc Ion-based Antimicrobial Glass

    Zinc Ion-based Antimicrobial Glass

    Zinc has higher stability than traditional antimicrobial ingredients like silver or copper. It's also effective for microorganisms, making it a powerful antimicrobial material. It can exist in an ionic state or as a bonded element in an antimicrobial glass structure, and contains vital antimicrobial power.

  • Copper Ion-based Antimicrobial Glass

    Copper Ion-based Antimicrobial Glass

    Copper is a naturally antimicrobial substance, recognized by ancient civilizations. Egypt's Smith Papyrus records the first medical use of copper thousands of years ago, which has since been used for several generations. Copper is an antifungal component traditionally used in the form of metal alloys. In glass structures, it can exist stably in an ionic state.

Multiple Antimicrobial Mechanism

  • Cell Damage

    Cell Damage

    The elution of antimicrobial ingredients damages essential proteins in microorganisms.

  • Oxidative Stress

    Oxidative Stress

    Reactive oxygen species are generated by metal ions in glass, acting as oxidative stress and interfering with growth.

  • Cell Attraction

    Cell Attraction

    LG Antimicrobial attracts microbes to an antimicrobial agent's surface with Zeta potential, maximizing the effectiveness of antimicrobial agents

More Advantages of LG Antimicrobial

  • Chemical Stability

    Chemical Stability

    Glass materials have high chemical stability, so they easily mix with and can be applied to a variety of other materials.

  • Thermal Stability

    Thermal Stability

    They're suitable for a variety of uses due to their high thermal stability, and can function as a preservative in multiple fields.

  • Excellent Durability

    Excellent Durability

    LG Antimicrobial maintains its function as a preservative for long durations, thanks to its material's superb durability.

  • Dissolution Stability

    Dissolution Stability

    Made with LG Electronics' design technology, LG Antimicrobial minimizes the elution of metal ions to minimize exposure to ions like silver, copper, and zinc.

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