Services & Maintenance

LG is a leading air solution provider. Discover how LG provides Service & Maintenance Solutions.


VRF is the ideal solution to save costs and energy.
  • A person is using a red rectangular tool connected to a laptop, diagnosing an open LG outdoor unit, its internal wiring fully exposed.

    Annual Maintenance

    A variety of maintenance services are available depending on your budget. It inspects to prevent accidents, provides pleasant and clean air, and minimizes energy use.

  • The LG ceiling-mounted cassette displayed centrally reveals a stark contrast. Its left half is covered in dust, while the right half remains clean.

    Renewal Service

    Long-lasting equipment can be renewed to extend the life time of your equipment, make indoor environment look fresher, and improve air quality.


LG Chillers have excellent durability and performance.

LG BECON cloud

LG HVAC products are connected to the LG BECON cloud for real-time monitoring.

Discover More About LG Service & Maintenance

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