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LG Pro:Centric Cloud is a powerful yet convenient cloud-based hotel management solution that allows for integrated management. This comprehensive management solution empowers hotels to create content easily for in-room displays, delivering customized services to their customers. By utilizing LG Pro:Centric Cloud, hotels can monitor the status of rooms and customer requests and accumulate meaningful data generated while operating a hotel.

* LG Pro:Centic Cloud is available for use through a paid subscription, and requires a separate registration

Enhancing The Hospitality Experience

  • SI companies can conveniently operate the solution due to streamlined licensing and installation process. Additionally, they can seamlessly integrate it into their system using Open API.

  • Hotels can obtain valuable data related to customer usage that can help hotel operations. Additionally, easy content creation and customized advertising can lead to increased revenue.

  • Customers can receive personalized services, easily access hotel-related information and events, and request room service using their mobile phone.

Simple And Easy Content Management

LG Pro:Centric Cloud’s intuitive editing tool allows users to easily put together intriguing screen images with various template options and widgets. The ideal design becomes easier than ever since everything from choosing fonts and changing sizes, inserting images and video cilps, to applying various animation effects can be done with the simple drag and drop functionality.
<small>Simple And Easy Content Management</small>1 <small>Simple And Easy Content Management</small>2

Flexible Group Management

Hotel managers can coordinate in-room TV channels to fit each guest. Different channels and messages can be provided to each group according to their preferences, purpose of visit, room grade, etc.* Not only that, special promotions and notices can be sent to select groups with customized services and more effective marketing.
<small>Flexible Group Management</small>1 <small>Flexible Group Management</small>2

Enhanced User Experience

With LG Pro:Centric Cloud, hotels can elevate guest experiences to a new level of personalization and interactivity. Through in-room TVs, specialized services can be provided to guests, creating tailored experiences. Starting with a warm welcome message upon entering the room, hotels can deliver customized advertisements and announcements to specific guest groups via the TV. Additionally, guests can conveniently request services or access information.
Enhanced User Experience1 Enhanced User Experience2
* Purchases can be made via a guest’s phone by scanning the QR code on the TV to access purchase links.
** Please note that a separate fee is required for Flight info service usage.

Data Viewer

LG Pro:Centric Cloud offers a comprehensive data viewer that empowers hoteliers to access valuable information through various dashboards. This enables them to run their operations more efficiently and make informed decisions based on guest preferences. For instance, hotels can analyze individual guest's TV viewing patterns to gain insights into their behaviors and preferences, such as duration of stay in the room and preferred channels. This information can be utilized to provide personalized suggestions or rearrange channel offerings, ultimately enhancing the overall guest experience. Additionally, hoteliers can monitor warning statuses and promptly address any device issues to ensure smooth operations. With the data viewer, meaningful data is collected and hotels can analyze the data themselves to gain valuable insights, that can improve the guest experience.
Data Viewer1 Data Viewer2