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LG ConnectedCare is a powerful cloud-based solution that provides remote monitoring and control of LG signage devices. It offers constant care for your business, as if you were right there.

Through active monitoring, LG ConnectedCare reports abnormal operating conditions in your signage displays, ensuring stable operation and minimizing device downtime. This proactive approach ensures uninterrupted display of your business content.
With the ability to remotely change device settings and manage multiple devices at once,
LG ConnectedCare saves you time and money on costly on-site visits, making it the ultimate solution for signage operators.

* Since LG ConnectedCare is a cloud-based solution, it may be affected by network conditions.
** The availability of LG ConnectedCare may differ by models. Please contact the local sales office for more details.
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Structure of LG ConnectedCare

With LG ConnectedCare’s cloud-based architecture, there’s no need for separate software installation, enabling seamless connection to signage via the internet. This allows for remote management of multiple displays and provides effortless user access via the internet.
Structure of LG ConnectedCare1 Structure of LG ConnectedCare2


Offers an intuitive summary of device connection status and related information. Users can quickly check issued devices, address potential issues promptly, and view device information for registered signage devices. It provides a concise overview of connection and issue status, using different colors for easy recognition.
<small>Dashboard</small>1 <small>Dashboard</small>2

Active Monitoring

The software provides active detection and warning service for over 20 common errors. Warning alert emails are sent to the administrator after a predetermined threshold of operating errors occurs. For LED signage specifically, regular automated inspections and proactive responses are used to minimize downtime.

Various Threshold and Email Notification Setting

Enable real-time detection and warnings for 24 different items across four independent categories. When anomalies are detected, it sends a warning email to designated personnel according to the operational parameters set by the user.
<small>Various Threshold and Email Notification Setting</small>1 <small>Various Threshold and Email Notification Setting</small>2

Scheduled Pixel Error Detection
(LSAA, LSAB Series)

LG ConnectedCare’s Pixel Error Detection features keep LED screens operating as programmed.
<small>Scheduled Pixel Error Detection<br>(LSAA, LSAB Series)</small>1 <small>Scheduled Pixel Error Detection<br>(LSAA, LSAB Series)</small>2

Compare Settings Data

If there are multiple signage displays that need to play the same video with the same settings, there may be cases where different settings are applied even if they are same equipment. By grouping the devices that will have the same settings applied and specifying a reference device, you can identify if there are different settings applied by representing them in a different color.
When you have a large number of operating devices, it can be cumbersome to find different settings values, but this feature allows you to quickly and conveniently address them.
<small>Compare Settings Data</small>1 <small>Compare Settings Data</small>2

Usage Scenario

Streamlining Display Management
for SI Company

By utilizing the LG ConnectedCare remote management solution, System Integrators (SI) can effectively manage a wide range of customer products and display issues remotely. This reduces the need for physical visits to sites, reducing labor and travel costs while allowing for immediate maintenance and support to be performed.
<small>Streamlining Display Management<br>for SI Company</small>1 <small>Streamlining Display Management<br>for SI Company</small>2

Simplifying Signage Management Across Geographies

Companies with the same type of signage in use at multiple locations spread across geographies stand to benefit by more easily managing their vast amount of signage and ensuring consistency across locations.
<small>Simplifying Signage Management Across Geographies</small>1 <small>Simplifying Signage Management Across Geographies</small>2