Inverter Single Package

LG Inverter Single Packaged is uniquely designed to provide a highly efficient cooling and heating unit for your business space.
  • LG inverter compressor is zoomed in and displayed on the left, next to the single package on the right, revealing the complex internal components.

    Ultimate Inverter Compressor

    LG Inverter Compressor improves energy efficiency and enhances compressor durability and reliability. Eighteen years of inverter technology is contained in the LG New Single Packaged.

  • The top graph shows a Constant Speed Compressor, and the bottom graph indicates an LG Inverter Compressor’s maximum energy efficiency.

    Maximum Energy Efficiency

    The compressor adjusts its output according to the surroundings, providing maximum energy efficiency.

  • A man is holding the large, gray door of the LG Inverter Single Package, which is adorned with a series of bronze pipes and equipped with a motor.

    Easy Maintenance with Enhanced Structure

    Hinged doors can be applied to reduce installation and maintenance time. Because, it can be opened like a door.

  • A man, wearing a glove, is extracting a rectangular-shaped filter from the LG Inverter Single Package.

    Sliding Type Filter

    Enjoy easy maintenance and extended product life with the sliding type filter.

  • A man in a blue shirt is holding a water hose and cleaning the large filter of LG Inverter Single Package.

    Washable Filter

    The pre-filter is easy to clean with water.

  • Two LG Inverter Single Package, one with the visible air flow going in and out from a vertical direction, while the other going horizontal.

    Convertible Duct Connection

    One model allows duct installation in various directions so it can be installed at various sites while maintaining the same performance.

  • LG Inverter Single Package is presented with a zoomed-in section at the bottom center, revealing three distinct internal layers of the inverter.

    Ocean Black Fin

    The “Black Fin” heat exchanger is highly corrosion resistant, designed to perform in corrosive environments such as contaminated or humid areas.

  • A person is holding a tablet showing various data linked via thin yellow lines to a home, office, building, and hotel. A person is holding a tablet showing various data linked via thin yellow lines to a home, office, building, and hotel.

    Control Solutions

    Single Package offers a diverse range of effective control solutions that satisfy specific needs of each building and its user scene. These controlling systems are equipped with user friendly interface, flexible interlocking environment, energy management and smart individual controller.

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Catalogue Single Package Catalogue_LATAM.pdf File PDF4,277K