Air-cooled Screw Chiller

LG Air-cooled Screw Chiller is equipped with a corrosion-resistant heat exchanger, highly efficient condenser, and wide louver fin for enhanced heat transfer.
* Salt Spray Test (ASTM B 117) : Salty, neutral atmospheric environment/ 5% NaClsolution, continuous corrosion test (35 ℃ continuous fog)
* Sea Water Acidified Test, SWAAT (ASTM G85-Annex A3) : Salty, acidic atmospheric environment/ 4.2% NaCl+ 1% CH3COOH solution, cyclic corrosion test (49℃ 0.5hr fog –49℃ 1.5hr wet)
  • LG Air-cooled Screw Chiller at the center is highlighted with a white box-shaped line, accompanied by a red arrow indicating the reduced size.

    Reduced Weight & Size

    Valuable floor space can be saved by reducing installation area and weight.

  • The white speaker with a simple design with a downward-facing arrow within a semicircle, indicating noise reduction.

    Noise Reduction

    It minimized turbulence in intake port and reduced inconvenience of noise by preventing outflow.

  • Laptop screen shows LG Air-cooled Screw Chiller and diagnosis data. Yellow triangle with exclamation mark placed at top left corner.

    Black Box Feature

    It stores and analyzes operation record for quick diagnosis to provide solution in case of failure.

  • The central-top LG Chiller unit is linked via blue arrows to ice cubes on the lower left and building outlines on the lower right.

    High Efficiency Ice Thermal Storage System Applied

    Ice Thermal Storage System cools the indoor area during the day and produces ice throughout the night. This applied solution allows more efficient product installation and energy consumption.

  • A person holds a tablet displaying a control solution. Four red lines extend from the tablet, connecting to buildings on the left.

    Optimized Central Control

    Control solutions such as ACP and AC Smart enable easy monitoring and allow remote control to manage various HVAC models at anywhere.