LG Drain & Circulation Pump BLDC Motor

LG Pump BLDC Motor is highly efficient for drainage and circulations functions in various applications, featuring bi-directional rotation.
  • High Performance1

    High Performance

    Saving energy consumptions by using high efficiency BLDC motor.

  • Simplification1


    LG BLDC motor is capable of speed control, so it can be used at various operating points with only one motor and can replace various AC motors.

  • Low Noise1

    Low Noise

    Less noise by low torque ripple.

  • Cost – efficient solutions1

    Cost – efficient solutions

    Using LG's special casing, one BLDC motor can perform both drainage and circulation functions.

Line Up

his is the lineup of LG Direct Drive BLDC Motor his is the lineup of LG Direct Drive BLDC Motor
* For continual product development, LG reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

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