Home 5

LG's Electronics provides optimal ESS for each applicant's application needs with the Home 5. We provide customers with a total solution. LG will revolutionize the way you conduct business.

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    10-year Warranty

    LG offers a 10-year warranty without additional payment for the extended warranty.

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    One-Stop Service

    LG ESS can be paired with LG PV modules for a single provider with one-stop service.

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    Free App

    The user-friendly UI enables you to check the consumption rate at a glance.

Technical Data

Horizontal Table
Model HOME 5
PV Input DC 6.6kW
(3.3kW per MPPT)
AC Output AC 5kW
Battery Capacity 6.4kWh
(max 12.8kWh)
Warranty(PCS) 10Years
  • Available Country

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