(For Home 8, 10 owners) Download the latest SW for residential Home 8, 10

Energy View connections enable regular update of the improvement SW for improved performance. 
Please update to the new software with improved performance. 
Please contact your Home 8, 10 installers soon. (If you are not connected to the Enervu homepage : https://enervu.lg-ess.com/) 

* New SW Enhancements

- Improving battery life by weather considerations control

- Interworking with other devices as communication protocol expands

Home 8 10

LG's Electronics provides optimal ESS for each applicant's application needs with the Home 8 & 10. We provide customers with a total solution. LG will revolutionize the way you conduct business.
  • 07-1_ESS_HOME-8-10_10-year-Warranty_PC_1562575211800

    10-year Warranty

    LG offers a 10-year warranty without additional payment for the extended warranty.

  • 07-2_ESS_HOME-8-10_One-stop-Service_PC_1562575226093

    One-Stop Service

    LG ESS can be paired with LG PV modules for a single provider with one-stop service.

  • 07-3_ESS_HOME-8-10_Free-App_PC_1562575235487

    Free App

    The user-friendly UI enables you to check the consumption rate at a glance.

Technical Data

Horizontal Table
Model HOME 8
PV Input DC 12.0kW
max 6.0kW per channel)
AC Output AC 8kW
Battery Capacity 7.0, 9.8kWh
(max 19.6kWh)
Warranty(PCS) 10Years
Model HOME 10
PV Input DC 13.5kW
max 7.5kW per channel)
AC Output AC 10kW
Battery Capacity 7.0, 9.8kWh
(max 19.6kWh)
Warranty(PCS) 10Years
  • Available Country

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