LG's Utility ESS has high efficiency, compact size, optimized design and algorithms that support various applications. LG will revolutionize the way you conduct business.
  • PCS Container

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1. Low power consumption 5.6kW by LGE’s high-efficient HVAC system

· Analysis of air current & heat dissipation
· Optimized HVAC design by 1 way indoor unit

2. Low power consumption 1.4kW by high-efficient 1MW PCS of 98.7%

· Optimized Control Algorithms (Harmonics Elimination, active Damping, Bat. LOC Elimination)

3. Low power consumption 0.3kW

· LGE’s high-efficient 30W LED 10 set & Motion sensor

4. LG Hausys’ phenolic foam insulation (0.019W/mK)

· 1/2 thickness reduction


Horizontal Table
Nominal Output Power (kW) 1000
Max. Efficiency (%) 98.7
Dimension (W/D/H, mm) 2860*1000*2077
Weight (Kg) 3000