• At LG Electronics, sustainability is deeply ingrained in our corporate philosophy, influencing our decisions at all organizational levels. Our commitment to sustainability drives us to create energy-efficient products, such as our Therma V air-source renewable heating solution, and adopt eco-responsible practices, all in pursuit of reducing our environmental footprint and fostering a more environmentally conscious future. This philosophy extends to the videos we shoot to promote our products and services. As the second series of our #CareForWhereYouLive heat pump campaign, we produced the “New Horizon” campaign video with consideration for the same sustainability captured by the Therma V heat pump solution.

The woman is looking at her cell phone. The woman is looking at her cell phone.
  • Where it All Began

    The campaign video we produced this summer told a heartwarming story that is in line with our commitment to eco-responsibility. We felt that to be true to our eco-conscious philosophy, the film production itself must also be eco-responsible. Initially, the process proved to be quite complicated. However, everyone involved ultimately pulled together to make it happen. Charles, the Producer of the video stated, ‘It was a real team effort in which everyone was able to share their ideas and contribute to the collective success of the project.’
    To share the feeling of the process, the film itself shows virtuous and responsible behavior without highlighting, discreetly presenting to appeal to the collective unconscious and it creates a form of normalcy with these actions.

People gathered in the grass People gathered in the grass
  • Our Eco-responsible Process

    Throughout each step of production, we used eco-responsible practices to reduce our environmental impact. Efforts such as sourcing local staff and utilizing reusable materials were essential for us to achieve our goal. Our Decorator, Delphine, spoke about these efforts saying, ‘Rather than renting a large number of plants, we've managed to get them on loan. It's also a not inconsiderable saving, which I think gives real meaning to what we do.’

The cup is displayed in an inverted state The cup is displayed in an inverted state
* The production team drank out of reusable cups to minimize the waste from catering
A men holding a solor panel A men holding a solor panel
* The production team used a solar-powered battery for the entire control room
  • Offsetting Our Carbon Footprint

    Our producer spoke about reducing the carbon footprint of our production saying, ‘After calculating our carbon impact, we were able to establish an environmental contribution approach for residual impacts.’ In line with this approach, we’re receiving evaluations from ATEO (ateo.eco), an agency specializing in the calculation and evaluation of carbon footprints, and A Better Prod (abetterprod.com), a consultant that evaluates eco-production projects from their outset. These agencies are helping us ensure our efforts are fruitful in minimizing our overall carbon footprint.

    In addition, we’re participating in an agroforestry project to further offset the impact of our production. Through this project, we planted approximately 300 trees and financed 4 days of agroforestry research, which is 1 day for each of the 4 days of production. To verify and validate our efforts, we will receive an audit from AFNOR, an organization of the French Certification body.

Woman planting plants Woman planting plants
* The team planted approximately 300 trees and financed 4 days of agroforestry research
  • We recognize the imperative for businesses to actively reduce their ecological footprint, and we are committed to playing our part in this important endeavor. Daria expanded on our efforts commenting, ‘Making the choice to have an eco-responsible shooting is not always an easy decision, as it requires careful planning, coordination, and a willingness to invest additional resources. However, we believe that the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial challenges, and LG will contribute to a healthier environment and inspire positive change within our industry and society as a whole.’ Check back in with us for the second part of our story that details how we accomplished this mission for eco-responsible video production.

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions.

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