• In 2022, the heat pump market in Germany experienced significant growth, reaching a remarkable 53%.1) This unprecedented growth has been sparked by new regulations regarding eco-conscious heating solutions and emerging technology in the space. Proposed policies, such as the German Buildings Energy Act (Gebäudeenergiegesetz – GEG), stipulate that by 2024, all new heating systems that are installed must operate with a minimum of 65% renewable energy and fossil-fuel-based heating systems will effectively be banned in the country.2) While most subsidies offered by the government cover approximately 50% of the initial investment required for installing a heat pump, customers looking to build new homes may still be put in a tough position when it comes time to select an HVAC solution.

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  • With these and other factors in mind, LG has rolled out new heat pump solutions to make heat pump technology more accessible to consumers. The Therma V R32 Split 4kW and 6kW models as well as the Therma V R32 Monobloc S 9kW 3-Phase model provide customers with new features that address these issues. If you’ve visited our blog, you’ll also be familiar with the innovative heat pump solutions from LG. But let’s explore these new offerings and how they address the needs of a changing market.

  • What's New?

    R32 Split 4/6kW
    Ensuring a heat pump system has a suitable capacity for the building where it is installed is important for energy efficiency. The Therma V R32 Split 4/6kW models are 29% smaller in dimensions compared to existing models and provide smaller capacity solutions.3) With the 4kW and 6kW models, the Therma V R32 Split can reduce overall energy consumption for smaller builds. An oversized heat pump may need to cycle on and off more frequently, which leads to higher energy consumption and poor efficiency.

    3) Based on R32 Split 5/7/9kW (HU051MR U44, HU071MR U44, HU091MR U44)

  • While high-efficiency solutions are important, the demand for small-capacity solutions is also growing for other reasons. A smaller heat pump will also provide more consistent temperatures and more comfort for the occupants of a smaller space. These compact models are particularly ideal for new builds with limited space for installation, satisfying the demand in European markets.

Compack size and light weight about R32 split 4/6kW Compack size and light weight about R32 split 4/6kW
*Based on R32 Split 5/7/9kW (HU051MR U44, HU071MR U44, HU091MR U44)
*Based on R32 Split 4/6kW (HU041MR U20, HU061MR U20)
  • R32 Monobloc S 9kW (3-Phase)
    The new Therma V R32 Monobloc S 9kW makes it possible to connect to 3-phase power. As electricity-hungry systems, such as electric vehicle charging stations, are becoming more common, some European countries are regulating the maximum operating current of devices that use single-phase electricity. If the installation of a single-phase power system would exceed the allowed amount for a building, the power grid operator is able to deny the installation of that system. LG added the three-phase R32 Monobloc S 9kW to its lineup to address this issue and ensure lower energy consumption.

Specification about R32 Monobloc S 9kW 3-Phase heat pump Specification about R32 Monobloc S 9kW 3-Phase heat pump
  • Outstanding Performance Makes All the Difference

    R32 Split 4/6kW
    Performance is key to the effectiveness of a heat pump system. Even with a smaller capacity, the Therma V R32 Split 4/6kW models can simultaneously deliver efficient heating, cooling, and hot water supply. The advanced design of these models makes them comprehensive HVAC solutions that meet the diverse needs of users year-round. These compact solutions are ideal for new builds and they efficiently provide 100% heating capacity4) at temperatures as low as -7°C,5) ensuring reliable performance and comfort in various climates. In addition, a twin rotary compressor and BLDC motor-powered fan allow users to enjoy reduced operating costs and compliance with nZEB requirements.

    4) The capability values indicated here are based on the performance table of the PDB (Product Data Book), and the values are simulation values and may differ from the actual values.
    5) Normal: Outdoor air temperature 7℃ DB / 6℃ WB, Water outlet temperature 35℃, LWT: Leaving Water Temperature, OAT: Outdoor Ambient Temperature.

  • R32 Monobloc S (3-Phase)
    When it comes to the Therma V R32 Monobloc S solution, the power of LG’s proprietary R1 compressor with shaft-through structure provides more stable and efficient operation. The Black Fin coating on the heat exchanger adds durability to the already excellent performance for lower operational costs, lower maintenance fees, and a longer product lifespan. Heating and cooling performance are top-notch with the Therma V R32 Monobloc S. This solution has ErP energy label ratings of A+++ & A++6) for low and medium temperature conditions, respectively. The Therma V R32 Monobloc S provides excellent heating performance with a 20% improvement in heating capacity at temperatures as low as -15℃ when compared to existing models. The cooling capacity of this new product also stands out with a Leaving Water Temperature (LWT) of 7℃ and improved cooling efficiency over the existing Therma V R32 Monobloc.

    6) Seasonal space heating efficiency class based on EN14825.

  • Everyone Benefits from New Solutions

    R32 Split 4/6kW
    With peak performance from the Therma V R32 Split 4/6kW models, everyone from building owners and system designers to installers and end users reap the benefits. Smaller dimensions and higher efficiency allow building owners to market more living space and reduced heating and cooling costs. System designers can take advantage of nZEB regulation compliance and stable performance with no backup systems needed for more freedom in their designs. System installers benefit from easier installation and reduced maintenance and service. End users can reduce operating costs with a reliable system that provides efficiency and comfort in their homes. The Therma V R32 Split 4/6kW can also be combined with the Hydro Unit or Combi Unit to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Furthermore, the planet benefits from energy-efficient operation and reduced carbon emissions.

Heating flow of hydro unit and combi unit Heating flow of hydro unit and combi unit
  • R32 Monobloc S 9kW (3-Phase)
    Speaking of energy-efficient operation and lower carbon emissions, the Therma V R32 Monobloc S 9kW solution uses less refrigerant than competing products. Using less refrigerant reduces carbon emissions and reduces the overall environmental impact of the product. With certifications acquired or pending from organizations in Europe such as KEYMARK, EHPA, and Eurovent, users can rest assured that the Therma V R32 Monobloc S 9kW is an energy-efficient solution. Furthermore, the low electricity current used by the R32 Monobloc S 9kw alleviates concerns about power limitations related to the circuit breaker or thickness of the wiring.

Compare carbon emission between R32 Monobloc and Monobloc S Compare carbon emission between R32 Monobloc and Monobloc S
* T-CO2 eq means tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.
* Based on R32 Monobloc S 5/7/9kW (HM051MR U44, HM071MR U44, HM091MR U44)
* Based on R32 Monobloc S 12/14/16kW (HM121MR U34, HM141MR U34, HM161MR U34)
  • A Quieter Place is a More Comfortable Place

    In the past, heat pumps had a reputation for being noisy. That is not the case for Therma V heat pump solutions. The outdoor units of both the Therma V R32 Split 4kW and 6kW models have sound pressure levels of 35dB(A) and 36dB(A) respectively at a distance of 5m. The Therma V R32 Monobloc S 9kW (3-Phase) also has a sound pressure level of 35dB(A) at 5m. No matter the installation environment or conditions, noise emissions will not be a limiting factor when it comes to where the outdoor unit will be installed. These noise emissions parameters make it easy to comply with sound pressure threshold regulations in countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

  • As new regulations concerning environmental impact continue to be put in place and the market continues to rapidly change, the Therma V R32 Split 4/6kW and Therma V R32 Monobloc S 9kW heat pump solutions are reflecting the needs of consumers. Smaller capacity, better performance, eco-conscious operation, and lower noise emissions are providing consumers with what they need to stay compliant with local regulations and qualify for incentives from local governments. LG’s new Therma V solutions are becoming a must for developers, designers, installers, and homeowners.

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions.

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