• As much as we want our housing to be comfortable, ways to save energy bills are always a top talking point. Cutting back on how much energy you use is easier than you might think. Out of many ways to conserve energy, heat pumps are now attractive energy-efficient, economically sound, and even eco-conscious solutions. Here’s why now is a good time to get a heat pump.

  • Reduce Energy Bills

    One main reason to install a heat pump is that it lowers energy bills. According to the US Department of Energy, heat pumps can reduce electricity consumption by 50% compared to heating systems such as furnaces. *The secret to heat pumps’ efficiency lies in their energy source. Just like an air conditioner, air-source heat pumps extract heat energy from the ambient outdoor air. High-efficiency products translate to lower costs. So, it is natural that the energy bills are lowered by using heat pumps. Find out in detail about how a heat pump can reduce your bill here.
    * https://bit.ly/42CCZrf

Heat pump can reduce bill Heat pump can reduce bill
  • Save more from government grants

    Reducing energy bills is not the only to save home energy. Governments have developed initiatives to tackle environmental problems including carbon footprints with conventional heating systems. The BUS (The Boiler Upgrade Scheme) in the UK and the HEEHRA (The High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Act) as part of the IRA in the US encourage people to do this. The BUS, for example, offers grants varying from around £5,000-£6,000 depending on the type of heat pump. If you include the cost of equipment and installation as part of home energy costs, support from governments will greatly help. However, those opportunities won’t last forever. Financial support in the UK is only available until 2025, along with the 0% VAT benefit ending in 2027. So, it looks like now is a good time to invest in a heat pump.

  • Low Maintenance Costs will save even more

    Compared to conventional heating solutions, heat pumps require less effort in terms of maintenance. Moreover, as the lifespan of a heat pump is generally over 15 years, you spend less money on maintenance than you spend on boilers. There’s more. Heat pumps are usually operated and managed with the latest technology, like LG BECON Cloud. This solution enables accurate services according to data accumulated on the equipment and allows professionals to provide only the services that are necessary, minimizing the number of visits for maintenance. To see the smart technology behind the heat pump, you can check here.

  • Save Energy, Save the Earth

    A heat pump is key to a more sustainable, and secure heating system. The energy used for heating is one of the highest contributors to our individual carbon footprints. With this shift towards intelligent solutions, it is known that the beauty of the heat pump is that it aids in the eco-conscious movement and saves energy at the same time. When combined with solar panels and ESS, a heat pump can be part of an integrated home energy package. That is why heat pumps are preferred as a future heating solution for the earth, our bigger home.

Benefits of Heat pump Benefits of Heat pump
  • Due to heat pumps' advantages in energy efficiency, grants , and eco-consciousness, heat pumps have become one of the most innovative yet intelligent solutions for home energy savings. If you are looking for a cost-efficient heating solution, the heat pump is right for you. And if you are consciously looking for a low-carbon and government-supported heating solution, the heat pump would be great for you and now is the right time to get a heat pump.

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions.

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