Air-cooled Screw Heat Pump

LG Air-Cooled Screw Heat Pump is a highly efficient and economical system that supplies hot water with the temperature up to 80℃ by using 70-80% of unused energy.
  • Aerial view showcases a sewage plant with a green area to the left, and slightly overlapping, an industrial site to the right.

    Applicable for Various Sites

    Hot water production is possible at various sites such as industrial site and sewage treatment plant. Specialized solution is provided to offer stable and efficient operation even under harsh conditions.

  • Bar graphs for LNG, Bunker C, and Heat Pump are displayed from left to right. The Heat Pump graph is highlighted in red, indicating its energy-saving rate.

    Economical Energy Saving System

    With Water Cooled Screw Heat Pump, 70% of the operational cost and 80% of the greenhouse gas emission can be saved in comparison to fossil fuels.

  • LG Air-cooled Screw Heat Pump is presented with a zoomed-in at center, revealing three distinct internal layers of load evaporator.

    High Efficiency Load Evaporator

    By applying gravity type refrigerant distribution system, reliable operation is provided, and evaporation efficiency is improved by optimizing arrangement of eliminator and evaporator tube.

  • W and V-shaped condensers on the left, a bar graph on the right, where its top area in red indicates greater heat transfer area and efficiency.

    High Efficiency Condenser & Wide Louver Fin*

    The V-shaped condenser structure has increased the heat transfer area as opposed to the conventional W-type model. The heat transfer efficiency is greatly improved in comparison to the conventional product by applying Wide Louver Fin.

* pH 2.8~3.0 sea water acetic acid spray test
* After 1,000hrs, fin bondage check and 4.5MPa leakage test Propeller type fan is applied, which should have proper airflow. Also it should have proper strength for rotational speed and be operated stably through balance test.
  • LG Air-cooled Screw Heat Pump at the center is highlighted with a white box-shaped line, accompanied by a red arrow indicating the reduced size.

    Reduced Weight & Size

    Valuable floor space can be saved by reducing installation area and weight.

  • The white speaker with a simple design with a downward-facing arrow within a semicircle, indicating noise reduction.

    Noise Reduction

    It minimized turbulence in intake port and reduced inconvenience of noise by preventing outflow.

  • Laptop screen shows LG Air-cooled Screw Heat Pump Chiller and diagnosis data. Yellow triangle with exclamation mark placed at top left corner.

    Black Box Feature

    It stores and analyzes operation record for quick diagnosis to provide solution in case of failure.

* Heat Pump type can be manufactured only on special orders.