Ice Thermal Storage Centrifugal Chiller

LG Ice Thermal Storage Centrifugal Chiller is a technology that cools the indoor area by melting the ice produced overnight.
  • Graph plots Capacity/Load on the x-axis and EER/COP on the y-axis. Red two-stage line shows lower energy usage than blue single-stage.

    Variable Diffuser

    Excellent partial load systems can save cost and maximize energy efficiency at low loads.

  • The LG Ice Thermal Storage Centrifugal Chiller is encased in a red rectangular line at the center, symbolizing its reduced weight and compact size.

    Stable Operation

    Provides wider operation range at a low-load conditions and prevents stall from discharge gas for stable operation.

  • A person holds a tablet displaying a control solution. Four red lines extend from the tablet, connecting to buildings on the left.

    Optimized Central Control

    Control Solutions such as ACP and AC Smart enable easy monitoring and allow remote monitoring and remote management of various HVAC models installed someplace else.