GAS Heat Pump (GHP)

LG Gas Heat Pump is suitable for any buildings using gas conveniently as an energy source or for any setting that needs heat. It provides highly efficient operation and heat recovery.
  • The bar graph displays one gray and one red bar for both the conventional system and LG Gas Heat Pump, showcasing LG GHP's superior efficiency.

    Supreme Energy Efficiency

    GHP Super III provides Supreme Energy Efficiency while minimizing operation costs. (Cooling COP 8%↑ and Heating COP 7%↑)

  • On the left, conventional rectangular bronze heat exchanger. On the right, rectangular bronze LG heat exchanger with 20% increase in surface area.

    4-Sided Heat Exchanger

    4-sided heat exchanger increases the maximum capacity of outdoor unit up to 32HP with 20% larger heat exchange area than conventional.

  • Cylinder tank filled with refrigerant in both receiver and accumulator area. The blue arrow shows the flow to the right-sided compressor.

    Active Refrigerant Control

    Active Refrigerant Control monitors and adjusts the quantity of circulating refrigerant during each cycle to maximize efficiency in real time.

  • The graph shows heating performance and over time. Gray represents conventional heating, red depicts LG Gas Heat Pump's constant performance.

    Smart Oil Management

    Compressor reliability and efficiency are improved with an Oil Sensor that allows oil balancing and oil return. With Smart Oil Return, annual consumption energy has decreased up to 5% in comparison to previous model.

  • The ceiling hosts half conventional and half LG Gas Heat Pump units. The bottom graph indicates LG GHP doesn’t need the defrost process.

    Continuous Heating Without Defrost

    Applying the Plate HEX (Heat Exchanger)
    -No Need to Defrost
    -Able to The Continuous Heating