• MULTI V i White Paper

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the landscape of the world we live in and revolutionizing the HVAC industry. AI technology has paved the way for new innovations in HVAC to provide smart heating and cooling solutions such as the LG MULTI V i VRF system. These AI-based innovations allow the MULTI V i to adapt to its environment and provide higher efficiency, lower operation costs, reduced energy consumption, and more convenient system service and maintenance.

    If you would like to learn more about AI applications in HVAC and the MULTI V i, then look no further!

  • Included in this white paper:

    — The impact of AI in the HVAC industry
    — AI-powered energy savings
    — Efficient and effective AI energy management
    — Improved comfort through AI applications
    — Service and maintenance streamlined with AI

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions.

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