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Winner of Design Awards

True Innovation Behind Simplicity

With unrivaled picture quality and optimum cable-less design,Expand the Possibilities of Business Space Itself.
True Innovation Behind Simplicity True Innovation Behind Simplicity

Why “Optimum Cable-less” LED

The LSAA series is the innovative LED signage applying the cableless transmission technology with non connectors*. For up to UHD resolution with the 16:9 ratio, it does not require a cable connection between the cabinets to supply signal & power. Its block assembly design makes the LSAA series easier to be installed than before.
Why “Optimum Cable-less” LED Why “Optimum Cable-less” LED
* Non Connectors: Connectors that use RF (Radio Frequency) to transmit and receive data between two devices.
Optimum cable-less design for simple installation Optimum cable-less design for simple installation
* Based on P1.2, 16:9, UHD Resolution (8 × 8 Cabinets)
Wireless Data Transfer & Cable-less Power Docking Wireless Data Transfer & Cable-less Power Docking

Optimized Image Quality with
α 7 Intelligent Processor

The "Alpha 7 Intelligent Processor" applied to the LSAA series recognizes and analyzes the original content, optimizing the clarity and sharpness of the content for itself.
Optimized Image Quality with<br>α 7 Intelligent Processor1 Optimized Image Quality with<br>α 7 Intelligent Processor2

Vivid Color Expression Powered by HDR

With HDR (HDR10, HDR10 Pro*) support, content becomes vivid with great visual impact.
The wider color spectrum and greater contrast ratio allow viewers to fully enjoy lively content.
Vivid Color Expression Powered by HDR Vivid Color Expression Powered by HDR
* HDR10 Pro is LG's own HDR solution for processing HDR signal by using enhanced dynamic tone mapping.

Dedicated Accessories Available

The screen size can be easily expanded as desired using the dedicated wall mount kits. In addition, LG offers two types of frame kits for cabinet 4 × 4 (108") and 6 × 6 (163").
Dedicated Accessories Available1 Dedicated Accessories Available2
* The easy-viewing UI menu is available for over 1,280 × 720 resolution screens.
* Network-based control

EMC Class B Certified

The LG LSAA Series is certified as EMC Class B, which requires electronic equipment made for use in residential environments as well as commercial, industrial, or business environments.
Therefore, it is suitable for up-close uses such as corporate meeting rooms, board rooms, etc.
EMC Class B Certified EMC Class B Certified

4-in-1 LED Package

By adopting a 4-in-1 LED package in which 4 pixels are combined and integrated into one single LED package, the LSAA series offers better LED module protection. It is more robust to human touch than the conventional LED display.
4-in-1 LED Package 4-in-1 LED Package

Energy Saving Power System

By applying Common Cathode Drive-IC, LSAA series supplies the right necessary voltage to each R/G/B sub-pixel individually, ensuring efficient power consumption.
Energy Saving Power System1 Energy Saving Power System2

Standby Mode

When there is no input signal for a period of time, the screen turns off and the main circuit parts inside the LED cabinet go to a standby mode. This saves additional power consumption and enables the product to be reactivated simply by using a remote control.
Standby Mode Standby Mode

Real-time ConnectedCare Service

Maintenance is easy and fast with the optional ConnectedCare* service, a cloud service solution provided by LG. It remotely manages the status of displays in client workplaces for fault diagnosis and remote-control services, enabling the stable operation of clients' businesses.
Real-time ConnectedCare Service Real-time ConnectedCare Service
* ConnectedCare is the brand name of LG Signage365Care Service. The availability differs by region.

Power / Signal Redundancy Support

The LSAA series is designed to support redundancy of signal and power, providing users with comfort. With optional embedded back-up power supply unit and signal redundancy, customers can assure the continuous operation of the screen without power failure, while the dual controllers minimize screen failure with a bi-directional signal input.
Power / Signal Redundancy Support Power / Signal Redundancy Support
* The "Conventional" shown above refers to LED displays which do not support the power/signal redundancy mode.
** The power/signal redundancy features are available from the fourth quarter of 2020.
*** The power/signal redundancy models are optional.

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Physical Parameters
  • Pixel Configuration
    4 in 1 SMD
    Pixel Pitch (mm)
  • Module Resolution (W x H)
    240 × 90
    Module Dimensions (W x H, mm)
    300 ×112.5
  • Weight per Module (kg)
    No. of Modules per Cabinet (W × H)
    2 × 3
  • Cabinet Resolution (W × H)
    480 × 270
    Cabinet Dimensions (W × H × D, mm)
    600 × 337.5 × 44.9
  • Cabinet Surface Area (m²)
    Weight per Cabinet (kg/cabinet)
  • Weight per Square Meter (kg/m²)
    Physical Pixel Density (pixels/m²)
  • Flatness of Cabinet (mm)
    Cabinet Material
    Extrusion Aluminum
  • Service Access
    Front and Rear
    * Module can be accessed only from the front.
Optical Parameter
  • Brightness (After Calibration)
    600 nit (Max.) 1,200 nit (Peak)
    Color Temperature (Default/Adjustable)
    6,500 K / 3,200 ~ 9,300 K
    Adjustable via LED Assistant on PC
  • Visual Viewing Angle (H×V)
    170 × 170
    Brightness Uniformity
  • Color Uniformity
    Contrast Ratio
    5,000 : 1 / 8,000 : 1 (Peak)
  • Processing Depth (bit)
    20 (HDR10, HDR10 Pro)
    LG's own HDR solution to process HDR signal by using enhanced dynamic tone mapping.
Electrical Parameter
  • Power Consumption (W/Cabinet, Max.)
    MX5/SX5 : 75
    MX6/SX6 : 68
    Power Consumption (W/Cabinet, Avg.)
  • Power Consumption (W/m², Max.)
    MX5/SX5 : 370
    MX6/SX6 : 332
    Heat Dissipation (BTU/h/Cabinet, Max.)
    MX5/SX5 : 256
    MX6/SX6 : 232
  • Heat Dissipation (BTU/h/Cabinet, Avg.)
    Heat Dissipation (BTU/h/m², Max.)
    MX5/SX5 : 1,263
    MX6/SX6 : 1,133
  • Power Supply (V)
    100 to 240
    Frame Rate (Hz)
    50 / 60
  • Refresh Rate (Hz)
Operation Conditions
  • Lifetime (Half Brightness)
    Operating Temperature
    0°C to +40°C
  • Operating Humidity
    10-80% RH
    IP Rating Front
  • IP Rating Rear
  • Certification
    Safety 60950-1, EMC Class B, BS476 Part7 Class1
  • Environment
  • Controller
  • Dimension
    • Controller(CBAA)_2D.dwg
    • Controller(CSAA)_2D.dwg
    • lsaa012_2d.dwg
    • Controller(CBAA)_2D.pdf
    • Controller(CSAA)_2D.pdf
    • lsaa012_2d.pdf
  • Datasheet
    • LSAA Series_Datasheet(low)_LG Premium Fine-pitch LED Signage_221122.pdf
  • Software

    To download Software, Please visit the Software Download Page (Click).

  • Manual

    To download Owner’s manual, User guide, Quick set-up guide, Please visit the Manual Download Page (Click).

To access more technical documentation and downloads, please visit the LG B2B Partner Portal.

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