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LG SuperSign Control+ is an on-premise signage management solution that provides remote control and monitoring features optimized for LG’s webOS signage. As an on-premise solution, it requires its own IT infrastructure and network, but can support integration with up to 3,000 signage displays, making it suitable for companies with a large number of devices. Additionally, to facilitate the management of numerous devices, multiple administrators can access the solution.
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Structure Of LG SuperSign Control+

Structure Of LG SuperSign Control+1 Structure Of LG SuperSign Control+2

Warning Thresholds / Email Alerts

LG SuperSign Control+ allows users to set custom warning thresholds based on specific purposes such as temperature or other metrics. These thresholds can be configured for different groups or categories of devices. When a value exceeds the set threshold, the system automatically sends an email notification to the designated observer, providing immediate error reporting. This proactive approach ensures that users are alerted to potential issues even if the device appears to be functioning normally. By receiving advance warning notifications, users can take preemptive measures to address expected failures and reduce downtime.
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Schedule Configuration

LG SuperSign Control+ offers the capability to set schedules for controlling various aspects of the signage display. You can adjust brightness, backlight, contrast, and other settings based on specific times. This flexibility allows you to tailor the display according to the user’s environment or specific requirements. The brightness level of digital signage displays is a major factor in determining their power consumption. LG SuperSign Control+ provides convenient multidevice control, including brightness scheduling, which helps optimize power consumption.
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History Management

LG SuperSign Control+ keeps track of the history of device issues and settings facilitating comprehensive device management. The issue history log enables proactive responses to recurring problems on specific devices. Furthermore, whenever changes are made to device settings, the system records them, providing a valuable reference. This means that even if incorrect settings are applied, they can be easily restored by referring to the history log, ensuring smooth management and minimizing potential errors.
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