LG Direct Drive BLDC Motor

The LG Direct Drive BLDC motor is designed as an outer rotor type BLDC motor that can be directly
connected to a washing tub to achieve high washing efficiency.

High Performance

LG DD Motor of an outer rotor type and delivers more power in the Tub thus it can reduce the energy consumption.
In addition, the structure of the direct drive can enhance the washing efficiency through the precise control.

Low Noise & Vibration

LG Direct Drive Motor minimize noise and vibration by aligning motor and washing tub’s center more accurately.


LG’s Direct Drive System increase durability by eliminating consumable component such as belt and pulley.

Line Up

his is the lineup of LG Direct Drive BLDC Motor his is the lineup of LG Direct Drive BLDC Motor
* For continual product development, LG reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

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