SuperSign Cloud

An integrated and intuitive management system, for creative signage content


03-SuperSign-Cloud-Introduction 03-Introduction-m
Suitable for small- and medium-sized .businesses,
content management software from LG delivers convenient user experiences,
connecting customers to a range of services and sparking their creativity.


04-Create-Marketing-Designs-as-Easy-as-Professionals 04-Create-Marketing-Designs-as-Easy-as-Professionals-m
  • Easily Create Professional Marketing Designs

    Compatibility with third-party apps puts a wide range of professional images and templates at your fingertips.
    Creations can then be published direct to the SuperSign Cloud, with support from a dedicated content editor.
    * LGE is considering adding new and multiple partners on SuperSign Cloud to provide more contents and templates

05-Turn-Data-into-Insights 05-Turn-Data-into-Insights-m
  • Turn Data into Insights

    All the tools you need to create innovative signage are available via the SuperSign Cloud dashboard.
    A user-friendly interface provides in-depth data and analytics support,
    so you can monitor licensing info, check device status, and receive intuitive insights.