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  • Last Updated 14/07/2015



how to use How to use MHEG


             This system has an Multimedia and Hypermedia Experts Group (MHEG) to help your navigation through all the possible viewing options.

             home  setting  advanced setting  Programmes Data Service 
              (You can see the
MHEG Guide in Hong Kong.)


             ● Service features may be limited when the TV is not connected to the internet.

             ● When Live Playback is in operation, this service is disabled.

             ● While using this service, navigation keys and the Wheel (OK) button may be disabled if the Magic Remote’s pointer is activated on the screen.

                In this case, press the left, right, up and down keys in order to deactivate the pointer.

             ● This function is available on certain models or in certain countries only.


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