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What should I do if lighting or display does not turn on?

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  • Last Updated 18/05/2015

What should I do if lighting or display does not turn on? (Side-by-side/household/commercial refrigerator, freezer)



symptom Symptom


              Refrigerator does not turn on.





potential cause Potential cause


               1. When a power cord is not properly plugged, electricity cannot be supplied, thus thawing food in a refrigerator.


 2. Power socket can also be a reason for poor electricity supply.




how to fix How to fix


 1. Check if a power cord is plugged into the outlet properly. Push it in firmly to make sure.

right/wrong way to plug

  <Check the power cord>

 2. Try plugging in other electronic appliances such as a hair dryer or a cell phone charger to see if the outlet works properly. Try plugging the refrigerator into another outlet.

grounded outlet  

<Use a grounded outlet>

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