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[G4] How can I turn on and off the screen with Knock Code?

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  • Last Updated 07/09/2015

How can I turn on and off the screen with Knock Code?



image What is Knock Code?


            You can easily lock and unlock your phone with Knock Code. With Knock On, simply tap the screen

            twice to turn your phone on. Fingerprints cannot be used on your LG G4.



image How to use


            Knock Code (Lock / unlock the screen)


            The screen will be divided into four areas. Set your unique pattern for Lock screen settings.

            1.Go to Apps > Settings on the Home screen.


            2.Display > Lock screen settings > Select screen lock > Knock Code.
            3.Make a combination of taps. Knock Code must have a minimum of three taps and a maximum of
                eight. You can tap the same area multiple times.



            4. Enter your Knock Code and tap Confirm to complete.


            5. Set a PIN in case you forget the Knock Code.



            Knock On (Turn on/off the screen)


            Tab the screen twice to turn it on. Tab an empty space or the notification bar at the top of the screen

            to turn the screen off. 




            When you tab wrong Knock Code six times in a row, you will be asked to log in with your Google account

            or enter the PIN. 

            When you tab the screen, please use your finger instead of fingernails.

            Knock Code and Knock On can be used simultaneously.


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