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Backup & reset

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  • Last Updated 02/07/2018

You can back up data saved on your device to another device or account. Reset the device, if necessary.

  1. On the settings screen, tap General Backup & reset.

  2. Customize the following settings:

LG Backup: Back up or restore the blocked sender list, messages, images, home screens and other data saved on the device. See LG

Backup for details.

Back up my data: Back up your app data, Wi-Fi password and other settings to the Google server.

Backup account: View the current backup account in use.

Automatic restore: Automatically restore backup settings and data when reinstalling an app.

Network settings reset: Reset Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other network settings.

Factory data reset: Reset all settings for the device and delete data.


Resetting your device deletes all data on it. Enter your device name, Google account and other initial information again.


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