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LG V30 - Customize the Home Screen and More

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  • Last Updated 19/03/2018
LG V30 - Customize the Home Screen and More
    1. Open Settings > Display Tab > Home Screen.

    2. Tap Wallpaper

    3. Choose which folder to select a wallpaper.

    4. Select an image.

    5. Resize the image, then tap OK to set.

    Note: You will be prompted to set wallpaper to lockscreen, this is optional.

    1. Open Settings > Display Tab > Theme.

    2. Select a theme from the list to preview.

    3. Tap Apply to set.

    Note: You can download new themes from the Theme settings but will be prompted to download LG SmartWorld.

    1. Open Settings > Display Tab > Home screen.

    2. Tap Select Home.

    3. Select the type of home screen you want to use from the list.

    Note: Downloaded 3rd party home screens can be selected from this settings as well.

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