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LG G6 Keyboard Settings and FAQs

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  • Last Updated 28/02/2018
LG G6 Keyboard Settings and FAQs

To access settings:

  1. From Settings, tap General tab.

  2. Tap Language & Keyboard.

  3. Under Keyboard & Input Methods, tap LG Keyboard.

  4. Under General, tap Keyboard Height & Layout to access settings.

To set Google Voice input:

  1. From Keyboard Height & Layout, tap QWERTY Keyboard Layout tab.

  2. Tap and hold on the Settings key.

  3. Drag the settings key to the keyboard, then release.

  4. Tap the MIC icon to add Google Voice input to the keyboard.

    1. If more than one keyboard is installed, with the LG Keyboard open, swipe down from the Notification Panel and tap Choose input method  . Select another keyboard from the prompt to enable.


      From the Home screen, tap Apps  > Settings  (may be found under General Tab > Language & input  > tap Default and select the keyboard of your choice.

    2. Additional third party keyboards can be installed from the Google Play Store and will display here.

    • QWERTY is the default input method on the LG Keyboard.

    • Handwriting allows you to draw the letters on the screen to enter letters. With the LG Keyboard open, long press Microphone  and tap the Pencil  . To use this feature you will need to download and install the input language data, tap Yes when prompted. Tap additional languages to download from the menu displayed as needed. To exit Handwriting mode, tap 

    • Path input allows you to enter a word by drawing a path through all the letters. With the LG Keyboard open, long press Microphone  and tap Settings  . Ensure Path input option is checked

    • Voice input uses Google voice recognition to convert speech to text. With the LG Keyboard open, tap the Microphone

    • Phone Keyboard allows you to use a dial pad to enter letters via T9 entry (default when selected).

    1. From the Home screen, tap Apps  > Settings  (may be found under General Tab > Language & input  > tap Gear icon  to the right of the keyboard.

    2. Select Input language and keyboard layout. Place a checkmark  next to the desired language then tap its respective Gear icon  to select a keyboard type.

  • The Smart Keyboard is an intuitive, easy-input keyboard that provides comfortable, efficient operation and adapts to the user. Advanced features include keyboard height control, adaptive area recognition based on word prediction, user behavior and easy cursor control on your LG G6.

    Customize your keyboard to fit your needs

    • Adjust height and layout; select right or left handed text entry to minimize the "reach".

    Smart touch adaptation to reduce typos

    • A Key's bounding box can increase to accommodate for repetitive mistakes

    Easy select and edit

    • Long press the space bar to edit text above the keyboard; swipe to select a suggested word or position the cursor.

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