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10 years warranty
65°C Dual Inverter

65% Energy Saving

A conventional Air Conditioner compressor turns off after the setting temperature has been reached and restarts when the temperature starts to rise. This wastes a lot of energy.
Dual Inverter Compressor minimizes the speed of compressor automatically. Only minimal operation is required to maintain the temperature so Dual Inverter Compressor saves the energy up to 65%.

Fast Cooling

Dual Inverter Compressor adjusts the speed of the compressor according to the outdoor temperature. In hot weather it can reach preferred temperature 60% faster than the conventional non-inverter air conditioner by operating on the speed up to 120Hz.

Low Noise

The unique skew fan and motor design operates smoothly and minimizes the noise level. Also the dual cores of the Dual Inverter Compressor reduce external noise by minimizing compressor vibration.

Precise Temperature

The conventional non-inverter air conditioner has only two positions: on and off. So it can’t keep the precise temperature permanently.
The Dual Inverter Compressor adjust the operation speed to maintain the desired temperature with minimal fluctuation. So it is always cool and comfortable.

Simple & Modern Design
with Hidden Display

The simple yet modern design looks great in any place. Large hidden Smart display allows to check Air Conditioner status easily.


Smart Diagnosis
Smart Diagnosis allows to check the air conditioner status, get the troubleshooting and maintenance information directly from a smartphone.
Easy Filter Maintenance
The new design allows to clean the filter easily and fast.
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