3D Smart TV Full Channel Wireless Home Theatre System.

LG 3D Blu-ray Full Wireless Home Theater HB966TRW


  • Full Wireless Mood Lighting
  • LG Remote
  • HD Sound Quality


Full Wireless Mood Lighting


DLNA-allows Movies, Photos and Music files stored in PC to be displayed on your massive TV screen wirelessly. With CIFS You can access your PC, So you can share your own media contents in PC with family and Friends to gether and cherish the moment!

LG Remote

Your smart phone becomes a versatile remote control as you easily browse through content and search for information. Simply download the LG Remote application, and you can control the player using your existing iPhone/iPod or an Android phone

HD Sound Quality

Enjoy true sound quality through the LG Blu-ray™ Home Theater System. This unique system delivers an awesome HD sound quality without loss or distortion, and accurately reproduces the delicate nuances in your favorite music. To render the most realistic and enjoyable viewing experience, the real surround HD Audio complements the Blu-ray™ picture quality.

HD Picture Quality

LG 3D Blu-ray™ Home Theater Systems deliver visually stunning 1080p images with deep colors. The LG 3D Blu-ray™ Player effortlessly reproduces images with a stunning 12-bit, 4,096-step gradation. Enjoy exceptionally rich, natural looking colors, with smooth, detailed gradation and minimal color banding.

LG Smart TVicon

Experience a multitude of popular streaming entertainment and Apps with LG Smart TV functions. With LG Apps and Premium Content, enjoy a full range of quality lifestyle applications, interactive games, and VOD services designed for individual and family entertainment.

iPod Cradle

Full HD HDMI Cable Included

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice. Screen images simulated and/or dramatized. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab for a complete list of features by model.

LG 3D Blu-ray Full Wireless Home Theatre HB966TRW. Experience a multitude of popular entertainment and Apps with LG Smart function. With HB966TRW, the most comfortable 3D viewing experience is now possible with advanced 3D technology, Wi-Fi, i-Pod & i-Phone Docking station and more realistic & powerful 3D sound.

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