Bye Bye Hand Wash, HELLO Steam Wash

Bye Bye Hand Wash, HELLO Steam Wash

Dual Wash System While conventional dishwashers can only have spray mutual intensities variation for lower and upper rack

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LG dishwashers marry style with superior performance, plus our sleek controls provide understated elegance, elevating the look of any kitchen. Find your perfect dishwasher from LG and enjoy a range of innovative features. Learn More

LG Dishwashers feature the latest innovations, including:

UV Lamp Care: After the washing, rinsing and drying cycle is finished; the UV Lamp will be activated for 25 minutes to kill the remaining bacteria inside the dishwasher.

Dual Wash System: This unique system allows clean pots and pan in the lower rack and delicate stemware or china in the upper rack – all during the same cycle.

Slim Direct Drive Motor: While conventional dishwashers’ sump, pump and motor are placed horizontally, the LG Slim Direct Drive Motor is placed vertically. This reduces the amount of space our motors use in your dishwasher machine and provides you with more space in the tub.

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