60 cm Electric Oven

60 cm Electric Oven

STS, Fan assisted, Electronic clock,
Full glass internal Door, 60 cm

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Integrated Dishwashers

Keep your dishes – and your kitchen – looking their best. With fully and semi-integrated dishwashers from LG, you’ll get powerful performance and a look you’ll love. Learn More

LG’s integrated dishwashers feature sleek lines and a wide range of new innovations, such as:

Slim Inverter Direct Drive Motors: By eliminating its belt and pulley, the Slim Inverter Direct Drive System on LG dishwashers increases the motor’s efficiency, thus cutting back on energy use and making them less susceptible to breakdowns. In addition, this system helps reduce our built-in dishwashers’ noise levels – and because they take up less room than other systems, our Slim Inverter Direct Drive dishwashers also offer more rack space.

UV Sterilisation: Many of our fully and semi-integrated dishwashers boast a UV lamp, which helps kill any bacteria remaining after the wash and rinse cycles.

Vario Washing System: This unique washing system alternates water between the top and bottom baskets. Because only one spray arm works at any one time, it supplies a more powerful spray to improve washing performance, while reducing water and electricity consumption.

Dual Wash: Our built-in dishwashers offer a dual washing system which alternates water intensity between the top and bottom rack and gives you the option to wash delicate stemware and heavily soiled crockery in the same load.

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