Knock to unlock

86,367 different
ways to unlock
your phone

Now It’s All Possible

knock code

Gain instant and secure access to your homescreen
by tapping a 2-8 point customized pattern anywhere
on the display using just one hand.

"Most Innovative Device Manufacturer " LG wins 2014 Global Mobile Award

What is
Knock Code™

The Knock Code™ helps to streamline your smartphone experience by allowing to access all your features by simply tapping on the screen a few times.


Unique combinations
of patterns

The one-step unlock method has more than 80,000 possible combinations, and will accept codes between two
and eight steps long, in your choice of area on the screen.

How to Knock Code™

You can set a unique 2-to-8-digit security pattern on the touch screen,
and then access with greater privacy.

86,367 patterns can be applied
anywhere on the display in any size for
optimal single-handed usage.

When to Knock Code™

  • “ When holding your phone with one hand ”

  • “ When you have dirty hands ”

  • “ When you want to keep your privacy ”

Most of the time while you are working or studying, you will have your phone somewhere in view around you.
By using the Knock CodeTM, you can simply tap your security pattern on the screen and easily use your phone without having to ever pick it up.
A perfect combination of convenience and security.

Where to Knock Code™

Meet the Knock Code™ at most of the LG Mobile smartphones.
LG G Flex, LG G Pro2, LG G2, LG G2 Mini, LG L Series III and LG F7