LG MiniBeam


A celebrated design fits in your palm and travels in your bag

With its personalized, sleek, award winning design, LG MiniBeam sits in your palm and weighs only 1.2 pounds(0.67kg). Whether you're a fashionable
cinephile, techie, or all business, the LG MiniBeam fits into your life without needing extra room. Simply place the MiniBeam on a coffee table without
clearing anything off. Or, charge the cradle and pack it with the MiniBeam in any bag or purse. Now you can share your favorite pictures or movies
for 2 hours with who you love at anywhere.

Bring your entertainment world with you, anywhere

Bring the LG MiniBeam to your camping lifestyle. Its small size packs in with your camping gear to immerse yourself in outdoor entertainment.
The LG MiniBeam shines at 500 ANSI lumens and the 100-inch class screen gives an authentic viewing experience. With built-in 3W speaker rendering
Dolby sound, the LG MiniBeam provides crisp sound or plugs into conventional speakers.

Connect to the world, in every possible ways

Connect to your PC wirelessly through WiDi, or various ports provided by the LG MiniBeam. Plug in from the convenient USB port. The LG MiniBeam
comes equipped with HDMI ports and is compatible with all cable/satellite boxes. Liven up any garden party by mirroring images from your home
computer, tablet or smartphone. Gamers can enjoy hours of flawless game play by plugging into one of the MiniBeam's many customizable ports.

A theater from the comfort of your bed

Don't toss and turn for comfort. Lay back and enjoy with the LG MiniBeam, watch movies on the ceiling without a tripod and enjoy sharp images with
the 100,000:1 contrast ratio. The cradle holds the LG MiniBeam in place, replacing your handheld tablet or clumsy smartphone for hands-free viewing
pleasure. With only 34dB of noise emittance as the machine runs, the LG MiniBeam makes you feel like you're in a quiet library but from your bed.

Long-lasting companion with the detachable cradle

Unlike conventional lamp based projectors, the long-lasting LED lamp allows for 30,000 hours of viewing entertainment or 4 hours a day for 20 years.
In addition, the remote control and Touch UI allow a swift and smooth experience. Charge the cradle and use the LG MiniBeam outdoors or indoors
for a wireless viewing experience.

LG LED Projector MiniBeam Viral Film

Watch this video and see how enjoyable the LG LED Projector MiniBeam is.

  • 84" class ultra
    high definition
    3d tv with smart tv
    (83.9" diagonal)

  • 55" class cinema3d
    1080p 240hz led tv
    with smart tv
    (54.6" diagonal)

  • 47" class cinema3d
    1080p 240hz led tv
    with smart tv
    (46.9" diagonal)