Imagine what you can do with more space.
LG introduces Dual Door-in-Door Refrigerator
for added organization and more ways to
use your space.

Innovation for a Better Life

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From small fridges for the office to large 27 cft refrigerators for the kitchen, LG offers a range of innovative options boasting style and performance. Learn More

From white refrigerators to silver and black models, LG offers a wide range of refrigerators to suit your needs and your lifestyle. Discover just a few of the features available on our newest refrigerators:

A Range of Sizes: Whether you choose a small fridge for your favourite wines or a family-sized 27 or 22 cft refrigerator designed for drinks and foods, our state-of-the-art refrigerators will keep your beverages at the perfect temperature.

Stylish Colours: With white refrigerators, as well as black and silver refrigerators to choose from, you’ll find a colour to match your space, and a size to suit your lifestyle.

French Door: With double refrigerator doors at the top and one or more freezer drawers at the bottom, you can easily access your go-to items.

One-Door: Offering a larger refrigerator space, one-door fridges allow you to store more fresh food than ever before.

Top Mount: This traditional model places the freezer on top and the fridge on the bottom – and often comes with a self-contained ice system or an ice maker.

Bottom Freezer: With the refrigerator at eye level and the freezer below, your most-used items are right at your fingertips.

Multi-Door: Designed with a small refrigerator at the top and cooling and freezer drawers below, this unique style of refrigerator allows you to store foods at a wide range of temperatures.

Side-by-Side: Featuring a vertical layout, side-by-side refrigerators offer easy access to fresh and frozen foods. Capable of holding 790 litres, our refrigerators offer plenty of room for the foods you love.

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