Single Door

Get a single door refrigerator from LG and enjoy natural freshness, energy-saving innovations and stylish interiors designed to contain more. Built to last, they all come in space-saving, compact sizes too. Learn More

Boasting a host of state-of-the-art features and designs that are as sophisticated as they are functional, refrigerators have never been so exciting. Many of our single door refrigerators come with innovations such as:

Total No Frost Cooling Systems. Enjoy even cooling with a multi air flow system that evenly spreads cool to every corner of the single door refrigerator. It also cools food fast and creates a cleaner, more hygienic interior, helping you keep food fresher for longer.

Water dispensers. Some single door fridges have built-in water dispensers that work from a removable water tank, so there’s no need to have them plumbed in. On some fridges, you can even use any water bottle instead of the tank.

Moist Balance Crisper. This is a special, latticed type fruit and vegetable box cover that controls moisture, keeping it at optimum level so that your produce stays as fresh as the day you bought it, saving you repeated trips to the supermarket.

LED Light. Brilliantly illuminates your fridge and everything in it. It’s easy to block one bulb with a few items of food. Our LED lighting brilliantly illuminates all the corners of your fridge and it's cheaper to run to boot.

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