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How to find your Model Number

  1. Detach the battery.
  2. You can find the Model Number on the label.

* You can also find the model number in the settings menu on your phone.

* LG reserves the right to make firmware updates available only for selective models at its own discretion and does not guarantee the availability of the newest firmware for all handset models.

Android > Android

Optimization of H/W speed
Support better big screen and resolution
Revamped UI
New browser UI and supporting HTML5
New connect index
Better Black/White ratio for background
Improvement of google map 3.1.2
Microsoft exchange supported
Inner flash for camera supported
Digital zoom
Motion event class to chase multi touch events
Improved virtual keyboard
Bluetooth 2.1
Live background screen

Optimal performance of genaral Android OS's speed and memory
Improved practical program speed (using JIT)
Unified browser application based on Crom V8 java script engine
Enhanced Microsoft exchange support (secure principle, automatic recovery, search GAL, synchronize date, wifing remote)
Direct links to phone and browser applications and improved application launcher
USB tethering and Wifi hotspot function
Compatibility with commercial programs including whole and automatic updates
Quick conversion of dictionary and keyboard lauguages
Bluetooth-based contact and voice call sharing
File upload field supported by the browser application
Application installation in external memory

WebM video playing feature
Improved copy and paste funtion
FLAC play feature
Android market browsing available from desktops.
Android market music store
Media streaming of PC library