Top Mount

Top mount fridges, which have freezers on top, are a much-loved kitchen classic, but tradition meets technology in LG’s latest range. With innovative features like hidden hinges and contoured doors, our top mount refrigerators fit seamlessly into your space. Learn More

They may be a more traditional style of fridge, but our top mount refrigerators have a wide range of innovative new features that bring them bang up to date.

Digital sensors constantly monitor conditions in the top mount fridge, to keep things cool and maintain proper humidity. This can help your food stay fresher for longer, saving you money – and repeated trips to the supermarket.

Our top mount refrigerator models feature shelves with tightly sealed edges, making cleaning up spills a breeze.

They also feature our trademarked BioShield technology. These gaskets made of anti bacterial materials prevent distortion and improve the seal on your top mount fridge, improving its performance now and for years to come.

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