LG Titan blows cool and fresh air  into every corner of your home. Experience the cool air that travels further with 10M Windblast cools in 3minutes with Quick cooling and reaches every space with Opt

Titan - 10 Meter Windblast

LG Titan Air Conditioner, blows cool and fresh air into every corner of your home.

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Window Air Conditioners

Stay cool and comfortable with window a/c units from LG. Offering the ultimate in convenience, our window air conditioners are easy to install and can quickly be removed when not in use. Learn More

Discover the features and benefits of LG window a/c units:

Anti-Corrosive Gold Fins: To improve the durability of our window a/c units, the outdoor condenser heat exchange coil on select models has been treated with an anti-corrosive material.

Tropical Compressor: Developed by LG, our window a/c systems’ Tropical Compressor is highly reliable, even under extreme conditions, including as temperatures as high as 58ºC.

Auto Swing: To provide you with the best circulation possible, many LG window a/c units feature vents swing constantly and silently from side to side, directing cool air to every corner of the room.

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