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Experience the next
generation of Fabric care
with Top loaders

With innovative features for advanced
cleaning performance and your choice of
colours like black, white and silver,
your laundry room will never be the same.

Top Loader Washing Machines

Highly-efficient, LG top loader washing machines boast a usable load capacity of up to 15 kg and a wide range of innovative features that allow you to do more laundry in less time. Learn More

Learn more about stylish LG top loader washing machines that are designed to sit perfectly by your dryer’s side.

Smart Cleaning: Using i-Sensor technology, our top loader washing machines will intuitively select the optimal rinsing times for complete removal of detergent residue, ensuring that your clothes are truly clean.

Tub Clean Course: This unique cycle allows you to clean your top loader washing machine at the high water level and remove toxins and protein build-up.

Delay Start: With an LG top loader washing machine, you can delay a load’s start/finish time by up to 48 hours.

Capacity: With a large 15 kg capacity, our top loader washing machines allow you to fit more into every load – saving time and energy.

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