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F/1.8 Low Light Lens + Manual Mode



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Same is Not Sexy



The LG Smartwatch Family

The LG Smartwatch Family

Check out the LG smartwatch lineup, including latest addition to the family, the all-new LG Watch Urbane
- a Genuine Smartpiece.


#1 Selling Bluetooth Stereo Headset



Shop Phone Accessories from LG

Shop Phone Accessories from LG

From mobile phone cases to Bluetooth® headsets and wireless charger pads, it’s now easier and more convenient than ever to buy your cell phone accessories directly from LG.

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AT&T Phones

AT&T cell phones from LG are the perfect way to stay connected with colleagues, friends and family. Whether you’re emailing the office, tweeting a great find, recording a flash mob or texting your mom, an LG AT&T phone helps to make sure you’re always in the loop.  Learn More

Discover some of the amazing features on select AT&T cell phones:

Android™: AT&T cell phones with Android™ operating software provide easy integration with Google™ apps and widgets.

Bluetooth® Connectivity: LG AT&T cell phones with Bluetooth® let you talk hands free for added convenience and efficient multitasking.

Camera and Camcorder: Featuring a range of resolutions, LG AT&T cell phones make it easy to record and share your favorite pictures and videos.

Music Players: Through the speaker or with earphones, enjoy your favorite songs right from your LG ATT cell phone.

QWERTY Keyboard: AT&T phones make writing emails, chatting and sending text messages quick and easy with a QWERTY keyboard.

Social Networking Capabilities: Gain remarkably easy access to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks right from your AT&T wireless phone.

Touch Screen: Available in a range of sizes, LG AT&T phones with touch screen technology give a whole new meaning to the power of touch.

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