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Top Rated LG Blu-ray Players



3D-Capable Blu-ray Disc™ Player with Smart TV and Magic Remote



3D-Capable Blu-ray Disc™ Player with Smart TV and Wireless Connectivity


Blu-ray Players

Upgrade your home entertainment in an instant with a Blu-ray DVD player. From movies and music to video games and more, LG Blu-ray players deliver high-definition pictures and crisp sound for an experience like never before. Learn More

Explore the features found on select Blu-ray players:

Smart TV Access: Your Blu-ray player lets you enjoy easy access to limitless content, thousands of movies, customizable apps, and videos. Separate Internet and subscriptions required.

Built-in Media Library: Some LG Blu-ray DVD players come with a built-in Media Library for easy storage and instant playback of music, photos, personal videos and VOD content available through the Vudu movie service.

3D Blu-ray Disc™ & Blu-ray Disc™ Playback: Enjoy 3D Blu-ray Disc™ movies in full HD 1080p and standard Blu-ray Disc movies in high definition, and standard DVDs in near HD quality through up-scaling ? all from a Blu-ray player. 3D TV sold separately.

Wi-Fi®: Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity on LG Blu-ray players allows you take advantage of Internet entertainment access from any available Wi-Fi connection, anywhere in its range.

1080p Up-scaling: Watch standard DVDs on a LG Blu-ray player that delivers exceptional image quality with 1080p up-scaling via HDMI output.

Gracenote’s MusicID® and VideoID™: Quickly and easily build a digital library on select Blu-ray DVD players and navigate music and video content as MusicID and VideoID automatically identifies the CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc and provides all the needed information and cover art.

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