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From mobile phone cases to Bluetooth® headsets and wireless charger pads, it’s now easier and more convenient than ever to buy your cell phone accessories directly from LG.

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Cell Phone Batteries

Keep your phone at the ready. With LG cell phone batteries, you can keep a spare battery on hand, or even invest in an extended-life battery that will give you more time to talk, text and surf the web between charges. Learn More

Discover just a few of the LG cell phone batteries available – and keep your phone charged and ready for anything:

Wireless Charging System: Select cell phone batteries allow you to use our Wireless Charging System – which allows you to recharge your phone without plugging it in. Best of all, the Wireless Charging System can fully charge a standard 1,830 mAh battery in less than four hours.

Extended Cell Phone Battery: When you choose a 3000 mAh Lithium Ion extended cell phone battery from LG, you’ll get more time to talk, text and surf the web between charges.

*LG cell phone battery times vary based upon personal use and system transition.

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