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From mobile phone cases to Bluetooth® headsets and wireless charger pads, it’s now easier and more convenient than ever to buy your cell phone accessories directly from LG.

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Cell Phone Chargers

Charge your phone when – and how – it suits you best. With a range of cell phone chargers designed for the way you live, LG makes it easy to stay connected. Learn More

Find the right type of cell phone charger for the way you live. LG offers a range of options, including:

Power Adapter: Efficient and easy to take with you, this type of LG cell phone charger can be plugged into any U.S. outlet – or an international adapter – and will charge your phone quickly.

Wireless Charger: Whether you use it as a smartphone charger, for your favorite tablet or your kids’ cell phones, our Wireless Charging system allows you to recharge your device without plugging it in – making it easy to grab your phone and go.*

*This LG cell phone charger requires your device to have a Qi-enabled cover (sold separately).

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