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This dual-speed LG dehumidifier makes air easier to breathe, helps prevent the growth of mold, and prevents excess moisture from damaging the materials in your home.

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Bring comfort to your living and office space with an LG dehumidifier. Ideal for removing moisture from the air due to humid climates or other causes, dehumidifiers let you control the air, so you can breathe freely. Learn More

Learn more about LG dehumidifiers:

Pint Capacity: LG dehumidifiers are available in a range of pint capacities from 45 to 65 pints. Depending on the level of moisture, you can find the one right for you. Keep in mind that the lower the humidity, the less pint capacity you’ll need.

Full Bucket Indicator with Auto Shut-off: LG dehumidifiers are highly intuitive. Our dehumidifiers alert you when they have a full bucket and automatically shut off to avoid spilling over.

Lo-Decibel Quiet Operation: LG dehumidifiers reduce noise and vibration while operating. They are so quiet you almost can’t tell they’re on.

Continuous Drain Option: Opt for the permanent drain line, and you’ll never have to empty your dehumidifier’s drainage bucket again.

EnergyStar®: If you’re an energy conscious consumer, you might consider LG’s EnergyStar ® compliant dehumidifiers which are designed to save energy and money.

Electronic Controls with Automatic Humidistat: Discover a dehumidifier that lets you easily choose a comfortable humidity level for the room so you don't waste any electricity.

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