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Global Mobile Awards 2014

Most Innovative Device Manufacturer of the Year

“Impressive across the board with ground-breaking
innovation – LG is flexing its technological muscle”


This is the smart watch you’ve been waiting for.
A fusion of classic style and the latest wearable technology. At a glance, you’re real-time
connected to the world around you.

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Shop Phone Accessories from LG

From mobile phone cases to Bluetooth® headsets and wireless charger pads, it’s now easier and more convenient than ever to buy your cell phone accessories directly from LG.

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Bring your world to life with an ultra-fast dual-core phone from LG. These revolutionary smartphones deliver efficient and powerful onboard processing for a seamless PC-like experience and effortless multitasking. Take high performance to the limit with an LG dual-core phone. Learn More

Perched at the top of the smartphone food chain, dual-core phones serve up a double helping of multitasking capabilities. Experience incredible performance and world-class browsing more like a desktop, less like a phone. Imagine multi-tasking with multiple open tabs, bookmark syncing from other devices, privacy settings, and more. Choose from LG phones or tablets with featuring dual-core processors that combine with T-Mobile’s 4G network to create a fast, seamless multitasking computing experience.

Combine these already impressive dual-core phone and tablet capabilities with advanced features like 3D video and real 3D gaming, large, incredibly sensitive touchscreens, Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity and more ? and you’ve got an extremely fast dual-core “superdevice" that’s out of this world. Get ready for the ultimate Android supercharged experience and be astonished by the power of the dual-core processor. It’s better than having it all. You can have it all at once!

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