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LG innovation is on the fast track.


It's never been easier to monitor every
move... at a glance. Experience the
benefits of advanced activity tracking,
precise biometric data, plus effortless
access to your music and phone.

Discover LG Fitness & Activity Trackers

Fitness & Activity Trackers

Discover the future of fitness with LG’s Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker. This state-of-the-art fitness monitor offers a fusion of advanced activity tracking, biometric data, Bluetooth® app connectivity, not to mention easy accessibility to your music and phone. Life’s good. Learn More

With the LG Lifeband Touch iPhone/Android fitness tracker, plus the revolutionary HRM Earphone Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), it’s easy to reach and maintain your fitness goals. Together, they offer:

A crisp readout that makes it a cinch to check performance, and all it takes is a press of the button or flick of the wrist to activate.

Wireless syncing with the free LG Fitness App and some of the most popular tracking apps. When combined with LG’s revolutionary HRM Earphone Heart Rate Monitor, this Bluetooth fitness tracker becomes the ultimate real-time information resource.

A full range of features – including time, stopwatch, intervals, alarm, calories burned, speed, miles covered (with multi-terrain settings), 3-axis accelerometer (measuring acceleration forward, backward and side to side), altimeter (provides ascent/decent data), GPS data, monitoring of incoming phone calls on the OLED Screen, view of all biometric data from the HRM Earphone Heart Rate Monitor, and more.

Easy tracking of your metabolic rate and cardiovascular fitness (VO2 max) via LG’s revolutionary HRM Earphone Heart Rate Monitor, which offers health and fitness metrics that are far more precise than chest strap measuring devices in virtually any weather condition. For the quickest info update, just glance at the bright OLED screen on your LG activity tracker. It’s the perfect companion to your Earphone Heart Rate Monitor.

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