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LG’s sleekest innovation expands the
boundaries of monitoring physical activity.
The bright OLED screen provides a full
range of vital data. Bluetooth connectivity
syncs with the most popular tracking apps.


Track your every step, as well as your pace, heart rate, height and distance traveled, calories, and even your phone calls – all from one lightweight, comfortable, wearable device – the LG Fitness Band. Learn More

Discover just a few the features and functions that make our Fitness Band the perfect accessory for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Comfortable to Wear: LG Fitness Bands are not only lightweight, comfortable and made of a water-resistant material – so you can work up a sweat without damaging your band – but with their open-ended design, our bands “flex” around your wrist for a truly comfortable fit.

Easy to Read, Easy to Use: Featuring bright OLED touch screens, our activity tracker bands are not only easy to read even on the move, but with their simple-to-use controls, you can change the view on your fitness band with one quick touch of a button or even the flick of a wrist.

More Trackable Data: Our fitness tracker band allows you to monitor more data on the fly than ever before, including essential timing measurements, calories, speed, 3-axis accelerometer and altimeter readings, GPS data and even your heart rate (when used with your LG HRM Earphone Heart Rate Monitor).

Music Control & Phone Compatibility: Our fitness bands not only let you track your workouts, but when used with your LG HRM Earphone Heart Rate Monitor, and your favorite Bluetooth®-enabled phone*, you can also listen to/control your workout tunes, see who’s calling (caller ID is built into every fitness tracker band) and take or make calls on the go.

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