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Hom-Bot Square Impresses (and Entertains) at CES 2014.

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Vacuuming used to be a chore. No more. LG Hom-Bot Square sums up the latest in robotic performance and smart technology, so it’s no surprise that it swept up HONOREE OF THE 2014 CES INNOVATION AWARDS IN THE GENERAL HOME APPLIANCES CATEGORY.

IT’S GOOD TO BE SQUARE.Convenience is only as good as cleaning power, and Hom-Bot Square leaves nothing to chance. Our unique square-shaped robot with its extra-long side brushes tackles corners and wall edges with ease, vacuuming away the dust and dirt that round-shaped robot vacuums can leave behind. Corner detecting sensors enable the vacuum to know its exact location in the home and direct Hom-Bot Square to turn when it’s reached the edge of a room.

THE MORE EYES, THE BETTER.While robotic cleaners typically employ a single camera, Hom-Bot Square feratures Dual Eye 2.0™ cameras for smarter, faster and more efficient cleaning performance. Taking several images per second, the upper and lower cameras scan ceilings, walls and floors…even in the dark. This information is then analyzed by Hom-Bot Square to generate a smart cleaning map which takes advantage of several cleaning modes. Smart Turbo Mode, for example, automatically detects the type of flooring and adjusts settings for optimal performance.

EASY-OUT DUST BIN.Hom-Bot Square’s Easy-out Dust Bin is located on the top of the unit for quick and mess-free removal. Best of all, its large capacity means you’ll be emptying it less often. The larger, upgraded HEPA 11 filter is capable of separating dust particles from the air more thoroughly and also helps eliminate unpleasant odors in the home.

QUIET, PLEASE.An extremely low noise level of just 60dBA means the Smart Hom-Bot Square won’t distract when family members are watching TV, talking on the phone or napping. And at only 89mm high, this robotic cleaner can “tip-toe” around the home with ease, even under most beds, sofas and other large furniture.

SMART CONNECTIVITY IN ACTIONHom-Bot Square features some of LG’s brightest smart technology. For instance, Smart Control lets consumers operate Hom-Bot Square with a compatible smartphone, whether they’re in the house, or miles away. (And what a pleasure it is… returning to a sparkling clean house.) Cleaning History makes it simple to check Hom-Bot Square’s recent cleaning activity. With Map View, it’s possible to see what has been cleaned and what hasn’t. There’s Voice Guidance, which includes over 90 voice alerts. And you’re sure to appreciate LG’s Smart Diagnosis™, which quickly alerts you to many minor performance issues and suggests possible solutions.

VERY ENTERTAINING.Visitors TO CES 2014 will have the opportunity to experience Hom-Bot Square for themselves. This is Las Vegas, after all, and LG’s newest robotic vacuum cleaners will demonstrate their incredible maneuverability with a choreographed “dance” routine. Fancy footwork from us. And a lot less work for you.